Sedation dentistry

For some patients, fear is a real obstacle to dental health. If any of these conditions describe you, Oral Conscious Sedation very well might provide the level of comfort that you are looking for:

    • A high degree of fear of dental work
    • Embarrassment about the condition of your teeth
    • Difficulty getting numb, or you hate needles
    • A very sensitive mouth or you gag easily
    • Want your treatment completed in less appointments
    • Just don’t like coming to the dentist

We offer Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas), the lightest form of sedation, which produces a mild sense of relaxation.

If you prefer a little deeper form of sedation, we also offer Oral Sedation. This typically involves one or two pills taken prior to the dental procedure to produce a deeper state of relaxation.

Our Oral Sedation Dentistry Process:


  1. We give you a prescription that you take to your pharmacist and have filled.
  2. You will take the first pill the night before your appointment to insure a good night’s rest.
  3. You must have someone accompany you to your sedation appointment; you will not be able to drive.
  4. 60 minutes before your treatment you take the second pill – this will relax you well.
  5. When your treatment is completed your driver will return you to your home, where you can sleep and wake up refreshed.

During your Oral Sedation dental procedure:

  • A trained member of our staff is with you all the time during your treatment. Your heart rate and pulse are continuously monitored.  We can very accurately can measure how you are doing at all times during your appointment.
  • We supplement you with oxygen and nitrous oxide as needed.
  • Your treatment can usually be completed in fewer sessions.  Our precise technology-driven dentistry is more effectively and efficiently completed when you are relaxed and still.

Common Questions about Oral Sedation Dentistry

Is it safe? We have received training from the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS). There are almost 2,000 dentists practicing this technique every day all across the United States.

Do I have to have a needle in my arm to be sedated? No, you are sedated with oral medications.

Am I unconscious? No, you are not; however, you are sedated and will be very relaxed.

Will I feel pain? You will be able to communicate to us, but will be very relaxed with reduced awareness to anything that might ordinarily bother you. Many times patients have minimal memory of the actual treatment because they are less attentive to the procedure.

Will you need to use shots inside my mouth to deaden my mouth if we do this? Due to advanced technology we have available to us, we do not use as much anesthesia as we used to. But we still use local anesthesia when it is anticipated to be needed for post-visit comfort.

How long will I be sedated? That depends on the amount of work you will be having completed. Normally from 2 to 6 hours is enough.