Your Patient’s History

After your patient has booked their first appointment with Dr. Larson, we ask that they provide our office with their contact information, Medical history and Dental history.

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Confidential Patient Questionnaire

In order to provide the best exam and consultation possible, we ask that you help us by completing the following:

  • Fill out a referral slip completely, giving a copy to the patient and sending a copy to our office.
    • (Please see our ‘referral form’ drop down on the menu bar to access our online referral form if you prefer an electronic version.)
  • Mail or email any current diagnostic records available. This includes periocharting, models, photos, x-rays, etc.
  • Prepare the patient for their appointment informing them that:
    • They have special dental needs that Dr. Larson has the expertise to treat; and his fees will reflect his extended training and expertise. 
    • The initial exam and consultation are typically a two-step, separate appointment process. First an in-depth exam, followed by a separate consultation to discuss findings, recommended treatment and financial options. 
    • Because of the nature of our specialty work, a serious of appointments may be needed.
  • Instruct the patient to contact our office to schedule their exam and consultation. Please share that we ask 48 hours notice for cancellations.

We look forward to assisting your patients in developing a clear, informed decision – and we promise to give them a reason to smile!