Coordinating Patient Care


We understand that for many patients, dental treatment can be time consuming, life interrupting, and as a result, surprisingly expensive.   To minimize those impacts on their lives, we are committed to partnering with you to develop and implement a life-long strategy of dental health for your patients.

You are always in the loop during our treatment of your patient:

  • We will send you an initial risk-based case report after our consultation with your patient that reviews the diagnosis, risk, prognosis, and treatment plan along with initial photographs.
  • We provide you with regular progress reports during the time your patient is being treated.  At the end of the scope of the predetermined treatment, your patient is returned to you for their regular dental care.

Preparing the patient prior to Prosthodontic treatment in our office:

  • Most patients referred to us appreciate knowing ahead of time that they have special dental needs that Dr. Larson has the expertise to treat; and his fees will reflect his extended training and expertise.
  • Because of the nature of our specialty work, a series of appointments may be needed.

How to Refer a Patient for Prosthodontic Treatment: 

  • Most dentists prefer to fill out one of our referral forms and give them to the patient to bring with them to their appointment. Just mail or fax us the dentist copy so that we can better assist your patient when they call our office to schedule their initial exam appointment.
  • If you need referral pads delivered to your office, just call us at 253.841.1943 and we will deliver them to you directly.

After the Patient has booked their initial appointment with Dr. Larson:

  • After your patient has booked their appointment, we will need their contact information, as well as their Medical and Dental history. This will help us to be better prepared for their initial visit.