Referring Dentists


Dr. Larson’s Prosthodontic practice can assist you and your team in many ways.  We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of complex patient reconstructions.  You may feel less than comfortable in starting their treatment, or you may not want to assume the liability in more difficult cases.  We frequently assist general dentists in cases like these:

Moderate to high risk Periodontal cases: 

  • AAP III and AAP IV periodontal cases
  • Which teeth should be saved and treated periodontally?  Which teeth should be extracted?
  • How do you restore the chewing system after periodontal therapy?

Moderate to high risk Biomechanical cases: 

  • Patients with moderate to high risk caries, erosion, and structural compromises; or patients with failing or failed root canals, restorations, implants, or removable prosthetics.
  • Cases where teeth are already lost or will soon be lost due to biomechanical reasons.  You may not feel comfortable determining when to restore or when to extract the teeth.
  • You may not feel at ease with full mouth reconstructions, implant treatment planning, implant restorations, dentures, or combinations of these treatments.
  • You may feel uneasy treating highly resorbed maxillas or mandibles.

Moderate to high risk Functional cases: 

  • Extremely worn or fractured dentitions in patients diagnosed with constricted chewing pattern, occlusal dysfunction, or parafunction.
  • You may feel uncomfortable opening the occlusal vertical dimension, or whether to restore your patient in MIP or CR.
  • You may not be sure when to alter the anterior guidance, or the best way to perform occlusal equilibrations.

Moderate to high risk Dentofacial cases:

  • You may feel less than comfortable deciding where the teeth and tissue belong for the best aesthetic result.
  • You may feel uncomfortable restoring high risk cosmetic cases where all the tissue shows when your patient smiles.
  • You may not have experience opening the vertical dimension to improve the aesthetics.
  • You may not know when an orthodontist, periodontist, or oral surgeon should become involved in helping your patient achieve their optimum aesthetic potential.

Other patient issues:

  • Patients with a combination of these moderate to high risk issues: Are you uncertain how to develop the optimal treatment plan, or how best to treat combination cases for the best long term outcomes?
  • Patients with teeth already missing due to multiple issues:  are you certain which teeth are hopeless, guarded or savable, or what treatment plan will give your patient the best long term prognosis?


WE ARE THE PLACE to send those patients.  If you are uncomfortable with any of the above situations we can help you and your patient.  We are the place that can reduce your patient’s risk to their chewing system and restore your patient’s chewing system to its full aesthetic and functional potential.

  • To diagnose and plan effective treatment, we use the Kois Center state-of-the-art risk based diagnosis, prognosis and treatment model to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes, patient satisfaction, and maximum longevity of treatment.  We do what your patient wishes, not what we wish, based on what options are possible within the limitations of our risk based Prosthodontic therapy in our state-of-the-art Prosthodontic practice.  Our team will do what it takes to give your patients good looking teeth to chew with while at the same time lowering your patient’s risk to their chewing system.
  • We have many options to offer your patient.   We place implants, restore implants, place implant supported/assisted dentures, and perform minor bone and tissue grafts for implant placement.  Our treatments also include crown and bridge, removable partial dentures, complete dentures, restorative dentistry, and simple extractions.  We also have management systems for caries, erosion, and dry mouth.  For your patient’s comfort we can utilize oral conscious sedation.  All of this treatment is done within a risk based treatment model.  When never hesitate to team up with world class orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons, and lab technicians to help us with complex issues outside of our treatment capabilities.