Cleaning Dentures ( with Soft Temporary Lining)

  1. DO NOT USE any kind of brush on the inside of your denture. This will ruin the lining.

  2. Use the soaking cleanser provided. Use this cleanser for up to 30 minutes daily. Make sure you use warm (almost cool) water, but NOT hot water. Clean out any debris with a cotton swab or tissue, only.

  3. Leave denture in water overnight or anytime it is not in your mouth.

  4. AVOID for the first day, hot foods, hot drinks and foods that require heavy chewing. These will harm the lining.

  5. AVOID foods with seeds, as they can become embedded in the lining.

Following these simple instructions will extend the life of the lining. If you have any questions, please give our office a call: (253) 841-1943