What Problems Can We Solve For You?

A trained prosthodontist can solve very complex issues with your chewing system.

If you have any of the following concerns, check out for yourself the options and solutions that Dr. Larson can offer you:

  • Don’t like your smile
  • Have existing dental work that has failed, or is failing
  • Can’t chew
  • Have a bad bite
  • Have sore jaw joints
  • Have teeth that are wearing, chipping, or breaking
  • Have previous dental work that is wearing, chipping, or breaking
  • Are experiencing chronic dental pain
  • Are missing any teeth
  • Have teeth that keep getting cavities
  • Grind your teeth when you sleep
  • Have dentures or partial dentures that are loose or uncomfortable
  • Are losing bone or gum tissue
  • Have faulty implants
  • Have fear of dental work.  We are highly trained in the area of Oral Conscious Sedation. It is used, when requested, to make our patients as comfortable as possible during their dental appointments.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, come see Dr. Larson.  He is considered by many dentists and his patients to be the premier Prosthodontist in the area. Come see us and learn the amazing possibilities!