Meet Our Staff

Lisa has been a part of Dr. Larson’s team since 2006. After working as a dental assistant for 23 years she decided to make a change and join the administrative team as our Treatment Coordinator. Lisa works closely with Dr. Larson to help patients understand what treatment and financial options are available to them. Her clinical experience helps her answer any questions that patients may have regarding their treatment options. She raised 3 daughters in Puyallup with her husband, and has since moved to Roy where she enjoys gardening and planning gatherings for her family. She is our resident hostess extraordinaire and should be anyone’s first stop for advice on planning any kind of get-together. 

Cindy is one of our registered dental assistants, as well as Dr. Larson’s beautiful bride. Cindy is retired!  Sometimes. She’s working on it. But when she forgets and comes to work, she plays an important role in our administrative team, and greets all of our patients with her warm smile.  She has worked in dentistry since 1973 and has worked with Dr. Larson since he was in graduate school in Chicago. Cindy enjoys talking to patients and helping them achieve their ideal smile.   In her spare time Cindy enjoys reading, walking, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Bethany  is our Dental Hygienist.  She has recently joined our team but is thriving in our health-focused, prevention-forward practice. She is a Kois Trained Hygienist well-versed in Guided Biofilm Therapy as well as Oral DNA testing to help our patients improve their oral health. When she’s not working she’s…. we don’t know.  She’s very private, or possibly some kind of secret agent.  I’ve heard she has 4 kids, but that can’t possibly be true since she has the face of an immortal goddess. If you’re looking for the fountain of youth, we think it’s in her backyard. Perhaps she can be bribed to share her secrets, maybe with James Taylor tickets or a nice Syrah.


Niki is the problematic person writing these bios, as well as the Professional Relations Coordinator, and general girl-about-office.  When she’s not working she’s reading, and when she’s not reading… yes she is.  She’s got kids and a husband, but that’s old news.  Have you read ACOTAR?  Or Fourth Wing? She also likes Taylor Swift and Tom Waits. Mention the dragons on the website and earn yourself a cheeky wink from this girl.  


 Jeannie is the backbone of our front office and can answer any of your insurance questions.  She’s also our resident fashion icon and absolutely none of us can dress as well as her.  She puts us to shame daily. She is unnaturally gifted in the garden, and grows dahlias bigger than your face.  Prettier, too.  She may be an absolute whiz in the dental office, but her natural habitat is the sandy shores of Maui. 


Kelly is our fabulous lead dental assistant.  When she isn’t working she’s reading, camping with her husband, dog, and two cats, and shopping local markets for fun jewelry and unique gifts.  She’s the youngest person in this building, by a lot, something she mentions entirely too much despite being reminded not to.  Her favorite workplace pastime is replacing the gentle spa music with Taylor Swift. Doctor thinks he doesn’t know who that is, but due to this progressive inception, yes he does. He turned Midnights on once, all by himself. We’re on to him.


 Shelly is a stellar dental assistant, and she loves working in the field, particularly for Kois-trained dentists.  Shelly loves spending time with her family and reading Nicholas Sparks novels.  Watch out, she’ll absolutely whoop you in a raucous round of Happy Salmon. 


Jennifer  is the newest addition to our dental assisting team.  She has two dogs and loves getting out in nature.  She loves to spend time on her photography, and refining her cooking, baking and potion brewing. She’s an accomplished wine taster, with honorable mentions in charcuterie board arranging and consuming.